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The House of Councilors election

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 4月13日(木)11時43分57秒
I worte this opinion-report the week last and I was going to read this last week.
But we couldn't have enough time. And the election finished at this Sunday. so this was not good timing.
But I'd like dare to read this today. Because there was the answer on the Newspaper against what is the neutrality in the education.

The House of Councilors election campain ia fighting out now. In this election, under 20 years old people, 18 and 19 years old, are given the right of vote the first time. I don't know probably why. It is said that it was following the trend of the world. But I think it almost impossible that they exercise the right of vote. Because in Japan, it's lack of the preparation as the voters. In the high school of Japan, the education as voters almost had been not training. That is by an official notice that is the neutrality of the education. This time,too. The notification of the neutrality was issued to maintain neutrality in the education as voters. It is impossible that teacher give the training as voters to 18 years old students but not 17 years old.
And what is the neutrality in the education ?
Is it that don't critisize the Government at that time ?
The education of defence the Constitution is biased ?
That can't teach the politics to the students in the school, I think. Actually, they, many youngs said as they didn't see that who they should vote and why they should vote, they would not go to vote.      


 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 4月13日(木)10時51分38秒
I didn't report my opinion, "The House of Councilors eletion," as time was over.


 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 4月13日(木)10時28分2秒
  (3/29)(4/5) We hane Spring vacation.
The end of March, there was a discussion about " Make-up."
Women's beauty is not only " make-up," but we, men are enjoyable to see women who are made themseives up by make-up.
They should know according to time and circumstances when they make up, but it's just free for private person to do it or not. Very heavy make-up is not suit me, but we couldn't say that don't make-up or do it. The women, who are confident of their faces without make-up or don't like it, have to do it. It was never in duty or compeled, I think. But some people say make-up is an abligation, maners or common for women, I heard. It's pushy. It's not good. It's the best they enjoy make-up as away of stage-managing themselves, I think.
There is one more thing.
How about high school girls ?
It's one of the most difficult directing things at the school.
They have an interest most in their personal adornment. The aim of high school is another place, I think. But I wonder we, schoolside, could prohibit make-up of high school girls onesidely, because they are given the right of vote at eighteen. And they don't get well make-up in a day or two. They even want to have some make-up classes. Actually, many schools have a make-up class for new graduation girls.
What do you think ?
                      Thank you.

" Work hard and things will turn out well."  from Keinan Iwamura.         


 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 3月28日(火)15時43分22秒
  August is the summer vacation.
(7/27) class-off.
(7/20) lunch party.

The election

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 3月28日(火)15時35分28秒
The upper House election had finished. And I'm so sorry the advacates for the constitutional amendment got two thirds of both House of the Diet. But Iworry more about young people consciousness for vote.
" Politics is the same even if anybody do it.”
”I don't know who I should elect."
They were the poinions we heard many times. And on TV, one young said, " I voted the Liberal democratic Party because it has a famous Abe-chan." He confuses national election with a 48-sosenkyo, fun election.
Why such as youngs come to ?
First of all, they couldn't get right education about election. In the name of education neutrality, it couldn't be done in school. Even if they didn't get the right education, they could understand it when they think only one point.
Do you think "WAR" is Yes or No ? Who goes to war is you young man, not us, old man.
This is the fact that we can understand.
And besides, we couldn't forget about the state control against mass media. They begin begin the control of themselves. NHK, that we couldn't say "NO" when the Government says "Yes," is out of the question. Each broad casting station that repoeted about the Tokyo gubernatorial election, was also terrible, I think. Almost all of them had told  about the strategy of the vote. I couldn't think that the voters elected their Governer of Tokyo with out thinking about their policies. And if they do so, would mass media blaspheme againist the voters of Tokyp ?
                                                  Thank you.

" Work hard and things will turn out well."  from Keinan Iwamura.


Think about Women's subject.

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 3月23日(木)13時59分25秒
On March 8th, it was International Women's Day, 国際女性の日. Many media discussed about women's subject.
That day, in ordwe to gather up myselves thought and make sure them, Iworte this. But my thought doesn't gather up yet and have uncertain points, I understood.
In the world, there are many countries that women are still under men more than Japan.
In Japan, they recognize that women's right is lower but some of them think that now they may be treated too well like that half of candidates must be women.
Another thought is that they may be treated too well but as now is a trasition period, they cannot be aboided.
In my home, it's not complete. Wnen we gpt married my wife has taken my name, Nakase and had lived with my mother because I'm the first-borm son. As it can not be helped that two women stayed home every day, we, both have continued our work.
But our salaries were managed by ourselves freely without the living expenses and foud for last days. So I had three household account books then.
I think our places of work, high schools were not sex discrimination comparatively in Japan.But in a situation of women, they may think it's not completeyet.
When my mother was bedridden by her cerebral infarction, we, each went to bed at her bed side every other day. But it was very hard life, we thought. So we decided that my wife quitted her work for looking after my mother at the end of that fiscal year, not me. However, she was settled not to quit her work because my mother passed away in October of that year.
What do you think about women's rights in Japan ?
                                                   Than you.

" Put it off until later, and you'll never improve."  from Keinan Iwamura.

Our spring vacation is start today. We are little bit happy !      

A charrd boy, the sisters recognized it as their borther.

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 3月18日(土)15時28分55秒
Augast 6th and 9th are the days, Hiroshima Nagasaki had been attacked with atomic bombs by USA. So we have done, 6・9 activities against atomic and hydrogen bombs not to forget these days, but now they changed " No nukes included nuclear power stations."
Then, on Augast 8th, an article on AsahiNewspaper, said the sisters have recognized a boy in the picture, called " A charred boy, as their brother at Nagasaki atmic museum.
They, so far, have seen that picture often , but it's not so big and clear, and poor lighting. In addition to that, they had to look it over the glass fence.
But the atomic bomb photographic exhibition at Nagasaki city in last year was different one. The picture was enlarged widely and his face was clear. The instant the sisters saw it, they felt it was their brother. After that, the expert opinion should that was true. Un doubtedly, the picture was clear only his face though.
But I'm not sure I can recognize my siblings in a picyures after 70 years. In Japan, they say, " When it comes down to it, brothers are little better than strangers."
A high school student in Nagasaki was surprised and interested when she read that article. She is collecting the signatues for the abolition of nuclear weapons and also was present at the President of United States Obama visiting Hiroshima. And on the middle of this Augast, she who is a peace ambassador of the high school student, visited three sisters and directly listened to talking about that. She will take up this topic when she takes these signatures to the European Headquarters of the United Nationsin Geneve, Swiss and gives a speech in front of the disarmament chief od UN, because " A charred boy " should want to the abolition of nuclear weapons.
It's a good topic, I think.
                            Thank you.

" Build your English muscles every day."  from Keinan Iwamura.


Fresh Onion Shaomai.

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 3月18日(土)14時58分8秒
Last year, we, the members of「男の料理教室」,have learned and cooked " Fresh onion shaomai," chinese steamed meat dumpling of this recie. Now, we can get fresh onion. So I'll introduce this recipe. It's very simple but good taste. I thought Shaomai without meat is not so good. I've added some shrimps to them. And in an advertisement of a recipe book, I've found onion is the king of healthy vegetabls. It make our blood murmur and imnunity up. Please cook and eat onion shaomai without meat.

  How do you taste in these shaomai ?
( Today I brought some shaomai to our class.)

That's the recipe.( Fresh onion shaomai )
*Ingredients ( for 4 persons )
・fresh onion    1
・shomai skin   16
・wheat flour    1 tablespoonful
・sauce made from soy sauce and citrus juice (Ponzu)
        at your discretion
*How to cook ?
・cut a onion into 5-mm square, a little biger than munce.
・put the onion and wheat flour into a bowl and cover onion with wheat flour.
・divide them into equal 16 parts and wrap each with shaomaiskin.
・steam them at high heat for 5 minuts.
・please eatwith Ponzu.


" Practice little by little and you'll make a lot of progress."
                                                      from Keinan Iwamira.


 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 3月18日(土)14時15分45秒
I was absent for the bus tour.
I brought a old news , " US to rename Mount McKinley.  But it was adouble show.

A bus trip to Fukui pref.

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 3月14日(火)16時04分19秒
On Sep. 28th, I joined in the bus-tour with members of Higasimikawa-party who don't need Hamaoka nuclear power station, 浜岡原発いらない東三河の会.
It was for watching the Genpatsu-Ginza, 原発銀座, at Wakasa, 若狭, regions, Fukui prefecture, means it has many nuclear power stations. But Obamacity, 小浜市, in this area, has no nuclear power station.
Why ?   In Mie pref. there is no n.p.s, because it was by prefectural governor's determination, I heard. That goes without saying, as there was Yokkaichi-kohgai, 四日市公害, means the enviroment pollution by Yokkaichi kombinat.
The other side, in Obamacity it was by the powerful civic movement. We go there and to learn the movements from Mr. Nakajima who is the chief priest of Meitu-ji, 明通寺, a Buddhist temple and one of the activists of that civic movements. He said the most important point of activity is continuation and never give up. And he said the signature-collecting campaign would give an inpact to the administration, if you collect signatures more over than half of the votes.
We had to watch Takahama-genpatsu, 高浜原発, on the prefectural road and Ohi-genpatsu, 大飯原発, on the ship since the both genpatsu have not worked and the construction of the evacuationroute. So we joined the virtual-trip of Elgaia; a PR-Hall of Kansai electric powe company. It was not so big. It is quite different to make abolish the nuclear power station as this is one of the national policies.
But the abolition of Monju; a fast- breeder reactor, 高速増殖炉, will have dicided and a nuclear fuel cycle will be a failure. Further more, they couldn't finish clearing up of the accident of Fukushima nulear stations. That cost was 5.7 trillion yen at 2011, and it went on increasing 11trillion yen at 2014. They say, after this, it'll cost a great deal; about 20 trillion yen. And we, who make use of Newelectric power companies, don't have a single station; u.p.s., will have to pay that cost. And it'll take a lot of time; some decades. But there are some people assert, " Work again!"  I don't understand their minds.
To make matters worse, there is a problem of the spent nulear fuel. Our Giverment sats they keep watch on them putting the responsibility for one hundredtouthand years, 10万年.  It was only sixty thousand years since people have lived on Japanese islands. I want to ask them, " Are you sane ?" ( 正気かと?)
                             Thank you.
”Don't skip practice just because you've busy."  from Keinan Iwamura.