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Anti-nuclear power stations again

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2017年 1月17日(火)14時42分18秒
Anti-nuclear power stations again.
Some newspaper articles said," What do you say,if you were asked for the payment of the thing bought ago, because that had cost more ? You must be angry." It is the reason of our Government that they made us pay out the compensation of Tokyo electric power company Fukushima No.1 nuclear power station.
The Government says that the people, who used the cheap electric power by the nuclear power stations, should pay out the compensation of that company. As it has increased an enormous sum of money, Tokyo electric company couldn't pay it out, they say. It was proved that the electric power, made by the nuclear stations, is not cheap and not free from danger. But both the Government and the electric power companies are intending to work them again irresponsibly. Moreover, they try to work old stations again that worked for 40 years, which have decided to discontinue nuclear reactors.
To make matter worse, they say we should pay out the cost to discontinue nuclear reactors that would take for 40 years or more, too. I couldn't believe them. We shold definitely not negrect the resposibility of the Tokyo electric power company's managers, stockholders, mega banks and the Government.
Before everything, what they should do is that they make up for unlimited liability with their whole property, if they go bankrupt. It is after that to require us the burden who choose the new electric power companies without the nuclear power stations, I think.
Don't you think so ?
                             Thank you.

" Hard work is your most effective learning tool."  from Keinan Iwamura.

The subject of Japanese Constitution is "we".

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2016年 6月14日(火)16時30分18秒
Once more feature article is " Translated Constitution of English edition into Japanese spoken langage " by Mr. Shibata Motoyuki, 柴田 元幸, who is an American literature scholar and a translater. I didn't read it. But the article is an interview to him. He said Japanese Constitution is read the English edition of it in the foreign countries. And it was not bureauctic style. The subject of thebreamble of Japanese Constitution is " We, Japanese people."  This is very important. It means the subject of Constitution is " We."  We will govern this country, Japan. It's a difficult feeling from the Japanese official text. It said " We " is " the nation." The nation seems like to tell us that there is another authority. English edition couldn't feel it. In English edition, the words, are not used low terms, are chosen and used spoken langage. For example, in Article 9, it was used " aspiring sincerly " and " forever renounce war." This " forever " includes the meaning emotionaly " absolute," he said. He also argued there are " We, Japanese people "in the whole Constitution.
In Article 13, there is the Declaration of Independence. It provides for the right of pursuing life, liberty and happiness. That is the most special feature in the Declaration of Independence. And i Article 75, the administration power is decided. In it the administration power belom\ngs to Cabinet inthe Japanese official text. But in English edition, " shall be vested inthe cabinet. "vest" means " give,"  there is big difficult between them
It is said that the Japanese Constitutionhas the worldauthority.
What ?
It is that it holds up the more universal principle: the justice, liberty and democracy of the whole world.
Ms. Milla birthteeg(?), the quasi-professor of Virginia University, said thatjapanese Constitution comes withthe Japanse ground : idealism to the world rather than within the country.
And Ms. Morimoto said that the devaters of amendment to the Constitution were shortof the reality of the dead bodies, we have reality of the millions victims of the war, just after the war.
                  Thank you.          

Japanese Constitution in English.

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2016年 6月14日(火)15時05分24秒
In this Golden Week, I didn't go anywhere, because my wife had pain of her knees and waist. So I decided to pass those days slowly and relaxing.
But those days include the important days ; " Children's Day, May 5 " and " Constitution Memory Day, Mat the third."
So I thought that I wanted to learn about those dats. Fortunately, in newspaper, there were feature articles on those. They were " the poverty of children " and " the Constitution of Japan in Englsh." Last week, I told you my idea about the fprmer.
Tiday, I'd like to think with you about the latter.
In that article, Ms. Morimoto, 森本, the vice-president of the International Christianity Univerity, said the preamble of the Constitution of Japan includes The Gettysburg Address ; government of the people , by the people, for the people. So I looked at it in English after long interval. I was able to find that ; Government is a sacred trust of the people of which are exercised by the representative of the people and the venefits of which are enjoyed by the people. (That means for the people, I think) And it continues that this is a universal principle of man kind upon which this Constitution is founded. That is a piece of writing in very sophisticated style, I think. And Japanese translated them is too.
And Ms. Morimoto asked us one question.
Do you know wheren Gettysburg Address was spoken ?

I didn't know that.
She said that it was spoken in front of the cemetery of the war dead in the AmericanCivil War ( 1861 to 1865 ). That war had 600,000 war deads. And Lincoln had sworn " Democracy," at Gettysburg in Pensylvania, where was a battlefield, in the contributioncelemony that contributed Gettysburg to the national cemetery. After the experience of the horrors of wa, the swearing new democracy, that situation of the Constitution of Japan is like Gettysburg Address.
I agree that!
I'm sorry , as my computer is not good, I couldn'tgive you a copy of the Constitution of Japan in English. Please check it in hittop://japan. kantei. go.jp/
                                                                 Thank you.    

Suddenly painful

 投稿者:george  投稿日:2016年 6月14日(火)14時19分6秒
In early morning on Friday before last, on May 13, I suddenly jumped out of bed with feeling a sharp pain in my right foot. That was the gauty pain in the base of the second toe. The three kinds of sharp pain in the life are gout, shingles and cancer. I had suffered from gout and shingles. The pain of cancer remain to me. I never want to feel it if possible, I think.
On formar gout, I felt the sharp pain in my right heel. I couldn't walk, and then I saw a doctor. But this time, I felt the pain in my right foot back and I was able to walk. So I thought it'll get well after a few days. But it was too optimistic thinking. Next day, it was more serious. As I couldn't walk, I saw a doctor and got two kinds of medicines; a painkiller and aloprinol, get rid of uric acid. Then the doctor said I should take aloprinal after without pain. But after three days, the pain didn't leave at all. So I decided to take aloprinal with painkiller. However, as my pain didn't leave, I couln't drive my car and walk. And I couln't concentrate my attention on the subject. I'm sorry I couln't attend this class.
Beside I couldn't participate the annual assembly of Ayuchi party. The Ayuchi party is an association organized by theretired members of teacher's union of Aichi Prefecture. Ayuchi is old name of a part of Nagoya city and an original Aichi. In that meeting, I received an invitation to our celebration of San-ju, 傘寿, eighty years old, counting in the old Japanese way, かぞえ.
I couldn't join that parrty for my gout. I'm very sorryabout that.
                                                            Thank you.

Poverty of Children

 投稿者:George  投稿日:2016年 5月31日(火)15時56分53秒
According to the article of a newspaper, the fortune of 62 richest men in the world is almost equal that of 3,600 million unfortunate people, lower ranking that is half population of the world. The uneven distribution of wealth is going forward certainly. They say that is the personal ffects, but some of them are succeed to their parrents.
The other side, the poor children are never reason by themselves. Chilren couldn't chose their parents. Therefore we  need to cut off the  chain  of children poverty. When I was a child, I was a poor one, too. But then, many Japanese were pooe. So I was able to bear up under poverty. But there was one of my friends giving up to go to the next stage of education according by his poverty. That shouldn't be, I think. I said to him that there was a scholarship of the Japan Scholarship Foundation. He said to me that he might not always recieve it. In the end, he gave up to go to.
Then, I was a student of the Japan scholarship Foundation. I remembered that I hoped strongly to build up the appointment system of the scholarship at the assenbly of the students of Japan scholarship Foundation when I was a high school student. After that, it made come true. And now, that is the last thing I expected to be educational loan, beside with charging interest.
I heard the cost is about 5 million yen until graduation of Harvard University in Massachusetts, US. In Japan, the cost, until from high school to university graduation, is about 9 million yen. And when scholarship students become working members of society, they owe about 5 million yea. When I was the student I had thought the shcolarship was a debt. Of course, it was free of interest and didn't need to pay back it if I become a teacher.
I have no kid. If I could afford a little, that should be used for education of children. So I decided to donate some to a scholarship foundation every year. I hope it's useful to cut off the chain of children poverty.
                                                     Thank you.

A opinion about aging society ( continue last week)

 投稿者:George  投稿日:2016年 5月26日(木)16時38分21秒
Last week, I told you a Happy News, happening in a Yokohama bus. But there had been a man, who had shouted at a baby and a young mother. I wanted to say to him, " Were you already a man when you were born !? " Was he not sufficient to be patient with others ?  Every one once has been a baby. Nobody must be growing without putting otherpeople to trouble.
In Japan, it's been a long time since being told " an aging society with fewer children " and " depopuration."  I think there is not way out of solving this aging society except to grow children with whole society.
This year, I have been a head of froup of our town association again. Fourteen years ago when I had been a head, in our neiborhood, there is no cring voice of baby and playing child appearance. That was very calm. No. That was cheerless than calm, I think.
After several years, we were able to hear crying voices of babies. After that those voices have stopped and appeared children going to elementary school. Our neiborhood has changed and been cheerful. When we are facing babies and children, we are not with a look of annoyance and should be glad about them, I think.
The other side, I couldn't excuse the trend and politics of treating aging people coldly. Because they have been supporting this Japan  when they were young and have been paying out the cost of aging themselves. There is no body who is old when person is born.
If they say the welfare budget is short supply, they should quit to take the consequences, as many other able politicians are.
                                                 Thank you.      

An article of " Happy News 2015."

 投稿者:George  投稿日:2016年 5月26日(木)16時00分2秒
A few dats ago, on Asahi News Paper, I found a Happy news. That is the grand prize of " Happy News 2015," associated with the Newspaper Week in spring. Ms. K who got it said she knew a human kindness with an article and she had been relieved from suffering inher passing year.
The article is about a bus driver who heavenly corresponded to.
An afternoon in end of August, that was a happening in the calm bus of Yokohama. A baby, who is holding inyoung mother's arms, starts grizzling. Even if it passed by ten minites, there is no sign to stopcrying. Then the cheerful tone announcement of the driver comes in the bus. " Mom, don't worry. That's OK. Matbe young baby will be drowsy, feel hungry, feel unwell diapar or be hot. Don't worry about it."  He said to them friendly over mirror in the bus. This storyis contributed to a web site. It breaks in the twinkle of an eye and has a good reputation as a heavenly corresponding. Ms. K is telling that this newspaper article has relieved her and her daughter from their suffering. Many years ago, she got on a bus, she was concerned her daughter's hungry time though. For a little while, her daughter started cring just her thought. Then a man shouted at them, "Noisy!"  She said over again, " Sorry." " Pardon."  as she has that experience, she takes in that mother's mind deeply. "How impatient?"  And How eased young mother's mind that bus driver's words are !  Ms. K got a happy feeling as if that scene rose in her mind. She entered " Happy News Prize " and got it. That is real happy news, I think. But I want to say to " a man," who shouted at.
I'll tell you that next week.
                              Thank you.        

Saboten-kai in Yokohama

 投稿者:George  投稿日:2016年 5月26日(木)15時17分44秒
From the end of March to the first week of April, it was confused a bit to have oue class or not. But I had not bad caught a bad cold and I was ableto join Saboten-kai in Yokohama. That is our annual class reunion of my univercity. It was two days one hight trip. So I couldn't attend David's class at the first week of April. Not to worry about me.
In this gathering I have felt we all have aged, as we were chatting about ourown illness. And four classmates had passed away among seventeen, our classmates.
Next day, we had taken a long walk in Yokohama portside, from Minatoga-mieru-oka Park, the hill park that we can look at the port means the hill park that we can look at the park; France Peak, there were a French consulate a long time ago; Yanasita Park that is the portside park and there is a statue called Akai-kutu-no Onnanoko means a girl wearing red shoes named from a children7s song; Chuoh-futoh, the central big wharf and Renga-soko mall, the warehouse built of brick a long time ago but yhey are a mall now. And there was a magnificent starting celemony for the road safety campaign week in spring in front of them to JR sakuragi-chostation. It was walking for three hours including lunch time, 11,000 steps over. We broke up that gathering after promising to meet at Izunzgzoka next year, Sizuoka prefecture.  But Iwas tired a little bit.
              Thank you.      

At Okinawa 2

 投稿者:George  投稿日:2016年 5月10日(火)16時03分12秒
The third day, we had visited the tent village of Takae, 高江 that is the edge of big North maneuvering groud for Marines. It had been used to mancuver Marines at battle in the jungle for the Vietnam war. But now, it was unnecessary because the battles in the world are not in jungle and Marines, too.
USA requests six helipads for Osprey in Takae instead of the return that ground. And our Goverment has understood the request.
Takae had been used as the village in a battle field of Vietnam; " A target village, 標的の村," that is a movie title. So the villagees unite together and are abstructing them with cars and iron railings. But as that ground is very wide, the construction vehicles were able to invade on the site from antwhere. They couldn't clse all invasion roads. As a result, two helipads have completed now and Ospreys fly. But now, as that constructions has been interrupted, there was no confusion.
After visited that tent, we went to " Ada, 安田 Kuina Freai Park." I was able to meet " Kyon Kyon "; Okinawa Rail,くいな called Yambaru Rail for the first time. I was very happy. and it has two rather good wings but can't fly, I was surprised.
In the bus, going south from Hedo point, the northernmost tip of Okinawa, to Yomitan-son, 讀谷村, the biggest village in Japan, the population is 40,000 over and having Zanpa point, 残波岬 where is the point, USA forces landed at first, I got a text from my wife, " Stoppage of Henoko reclamation work " and said it to my company at once. The bus was in uproar with that. But there are many different opinions and we understood our government didn't definitily give up Henoko base construction.
And we went to Roadside Station Kadena, 嘉手納, where we can look at Kadena Airfield of USA as it has viewing deck (4F)and study exhibition hall (3F). We can see and study the activity of the airfieldof and history of Kadena town. Ihave known there Kadena town is accounted for 80% of all town by Kadena Airfield of USA. So that is called the hill, we can see Anpo; The Security Pct between USA and Japan, 日米安全保障条約.
Lastly we visited " Japanese Navy underground Headquarters " and Shurijo Castle Park. The sides of roads, we went through, are almost the chain-link fences. I thought " After War of Okinawa " doesn't end.
                                  Thank you for reading them.                  

At Okinawa 1

 投稿者:George  投稿日:2016年 5月10日(火)14時47分56秒
Last Saturday, March 5th, I've gone back from okinawa. This trip was 4 nights 5 days but not sightseeing. At first, we went to hill where we can see Canp Futenma,普天間. I was able to see Ospreys there. Iwas surprised the propellas of them were very long and large. They couldn'tland with propellas facing front as they were too long, I heard. I thought they had big noise when they arrived and departed. Actually, I was hard to talk with friends when two Ospreys flew in the sky over us.
We went to near the Camp and when we took the photos of Ospreys looking over fance, a young police man of the camp came, at once and said a loud voice with his gesture, " No good !" But it was not so deep air.
Next we visited Okinawa International University where the hericopter of Marines crashed. The school building was rebuilt, but a trunk of a tree remaining unbuened and a piece of broken wall of the housetop were preserved. They were a symbol of the wrost agreement between USA and Japan; the Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement.
That day, we arrived late at night at our logings at Takae, 高江 in Higasi-son, north Okinawa.
Next day, March the second, we started by bus to Henoko, 辺野古 at 6:30 in the morning. At the front of Camp Schwab gate, the citizens of Okinawa go on a sit-in for stopping construction of the new base at Henoko head-land and reclamation work of Ohkura bay, 大浦湾 for twenty four hours. Our group, 15 joined that action only one day. Many people and many areas had come there and there were many reports, speeches and protest announcement. But as our action motto is non-violence suppley and with courage. And Wednesday is the day the constructionvehicles not to come, there's not so tension atmosphore,
But I have become tence on a sit-in protest and dempnstrations in front of a riot squod of the Tokyo Police. That was after an interval of sixty years.
It was only peace of mind that we had a performance of a trumpet and sand songs.
After that, we visited in tent village at the Glass Beach for watching the construction work and the base of sae kayak and protest ships. and came backto our logings. I'll report about Takae and others next week.
                                                     Thank you.