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 投稿者:Shougunメール  投稿日:2004年10月10日(日)09時11分45秒
  It is a long time.
Since the image of the live was raised please see.

hey what's up??

 投稿者:Lorianeメール  投稿日:2004年 9月21日(火)03時02分28秒
  Hello SeiiTaishougun!!

How are you?
What's news?? That make a long time I didn't write.
And no special news on your website!!
I hope you'll make some new songs soon!





 投稿者:Shougun  投稿日:2004年 5月 3日(月)23時00分27秒
  It is a long time wholly!! The "Seiitaishogun" revived.
Come to the live wholly !!

Oh Yeah!

 投稿者:Lorianeメール  投稿日:2004年 2月 2日(月)05時39分44秒
  Happy New Year to you Hidari!!
Hope this year will be rock'n'roll! And I hope you'll have happiness.
See you.

GO!GO! 2004!!!!

 投稿者:hidari  投稿日:2004年 1月 1日(木)11時51分2秒
  You in the world A Happy New year!!
May it becomes a year good for everybody!! His condition also becomes good and the new song is also making it favorably. It is countdown to explosion!!




 投稿者:Lorianeメール  投稿日:2003年11月 5日(水)07時25分51秒
  I understand you Shougun.
I hope you'll feel better soon take care of you.
Good luck! In some time you'll drink sake!!!
See you!

Illness is serious!!

 投稿者:Shougun  投稿日:2003年10月30日(木)15時46分2秒
  I'm "Shougun(Drums)" by "Seiitaishougun" under medical treatment.
I want to become the early fine body and to stand before you.
Oh I want to become fine early and to drink "Sake-Nihonsyu".
Have a nice day.

always a pleasure!!

 投稿者:Lorianeメール  投稿日:2003年 9月14日(日)23時16分2秒
  Hello Hidari

You're welcome I'm always in pleasure to listen your songs!
I played tennis since 5 years ago with a friend. It's a very nice sport. But I don't know if I'll again play this year because my friend have bad schedule and she can't play. I think if she stop to play I stop too.
I saw World championship at tv too. When you was marathon runner you made often competitions?
Now the weather is strange. Sometimes cold sometimes hot. The morning is cold we must wear sweet shirt and the evening is hot!
Have a nice week!

Thank you very mach!!

 投稿者:hidari  投稿日:2003年 8月31日(日)20時14分5秒
  Thank you for listening our songs. Shougun is fine even if it takes. If so fine I want to put him to sleep on the roof of a building in Paris. Ha ha ha!! I watch World championship in athletic TV. I was a marathon runner until very recently. Is the sport carried out? French people really foppish. The man of the former supervisor of soccer of Japan or an interpreter was also popular. It is a free child if I go to France. By the way is still it hot? Please take great care of yourself. August is cool in Japan only with rain. Fruit does not grow up and a charge is high.  

really good!!!

 投稿者:Lorianeメール  投稿日:2003年 8月20日(水)05時58分25秒
  Yes it's hot here but now it's reasonnable! There was one week it was very very hot!!
It's a good new you'll make a new cd. I'm happy to heard that!!
I listen the 2 news songs and I enjoy it. I like so much the unique sound of Seiitaishougun. The news songs are reallt pleasant. Congratulations!!
By the way say to the Shougun whose is in hospital good recovery and take care!!
See you!!